Riverside Public Utilities

Construction Standards

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Specification 205

Specification 205 provides revisions and additions to the ”Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction” (Greenbook) for construction materials, methods, and testing for public water main construction in the City of Riverside. All water mains installed in the RPU’s service area as part of a land development project are required to comply with the Greenbook and Specification 205.

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Appendix II – Approved Material List

The Approved Materials List provides the manufacturer and model numbers for all of the materials approved for use in new public water facilities in RPU’s service area. Standard Drawings (I.e. CWD Drawings) The Standard Drawings (or CWD Drawings) provide guidelines for contractors installing new public water facilities in RPU’s service area. These drawings illustrate the proper installation of facilities such as water main pipelines, fire hydrants, air valves, blow-offs, water services, etc.

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Appendix III – All Standard Drawings

All standard drawings are available here.

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Standard Description Date
CWD-010 Typical Plan May 2016
CWD-023 Structure Interference Encasement January 2013
CWD-030 Typical Thrust Block Details January 2013
CWD-040 Typical Pipe Trench Bedding, Backfill and Pavement Requirements January 2013
CWD-220 Typical Split Butt Strap, 8-54 Diameter (150 PSI design pressure) January 2013
CWD-300 Typical Flanged Outlet, 4"-20" January 2013
CWD-320 Typical Flanged Tangent, 4"-12" January 2013
CWD-340 Typical thread outlet, 1" thru 2.5" diameter January 2013
CWD-350 Typical manway for large pipelines January 2013
CWD-409 6" hydranthead blow-off DI Bury January 2013
CWD-410 8" blow-off pumper outlet January 2013
CWD-411 Typical 2" blow-off assembly January 2013
CWD-412 4"-10" temporary construction end caps January 2021
CWD-413 12"-20" temporary construction end cap January 2021
CWD-414 16"-54" CML&C temp construction end cap January 2013
CWD-432 Temporary water sampler January 2013
CWD-433 Water quality sampling station January 2013
CWD-451 2" air valve installation September 2014
CWD-460 4" air valve installation January 2013
CWD-462 6" air valve installation January 2013
CWD-465 8" air valve installation January 2013
CWD-500 Typical valve box for gate valves January 2013
CWD-504 Tapping sleeve and tapping valve detail January 2013
CWD-510 Typical valve box for butterfly valves January 2013
CWD-515 Typical split-sleeve liner and cap January 2013
CWD-570 Typical conduit support January 2013
CWD-600 1" water service January 2013
CWD-601 2" water service September 2014
CWD-614 Temporary, emergency or construction water service January 2013
CWD-615 4"-12" above ground fire service January 2013
CWD-616 Backflow prevention assembly < 2" January 2013
CWD-620 3",4" and 6" compound meter water service January 2013
CWD-621 8" FMCTwater service January 2013
CWD-622 10" domestic water service January 2013
CWD-700 Regular and super fire hydrant detail March 2016
CWD-800 Traffic rated vault for 3"-6" compound meters January 2013
CWD-801 Traffic rated vault for 8"-12" compound meters October 2009
CWD-811 Blowoff-off manhole installation January 2013
CWD-816 Manhole detail 48" Max ID pipe January 2013
CWD-900 4" diameter guard post installation January 2013
CWD-922 Test lead installation January 2013
CWD-923 Flange insulation and test lead installation January 2013
CWD-924 Joint bond details January 2013
CWD-960 Notification sign January 2013