Riverside Public Utilities

General Information

Meter Spots

Meter spotting is for contractors/homeowners planning install a new service panel. A meter spot will verify the correct placement of a new electric service panel. Safety or code regulations may require the new panel to be placed in a different location. Obtaining a meter spot prior to installing the panel ensures the installer will not have to redo the job.

electrical wires

Standard Fees

Temporary Power
  • Overhead: $397.75
  • Underground: $1,010.50
  • Disconnect: $200.00
  • Reconnect: $200.00
  • Midspan: $450.00
* Please note: Design fees are based on the actual design of the project.
* Please contact (951) 826-5489 for more information.

Temporary Power

  • Overhead: 370 amps
  • Underground: 940 amps
  • Up to: 200 amps
* For anything above 200 amps, fees will be based on cost to serve.

Apply for a panel upgrade permit with building and safety. You can do this online Public Permit Portal | CEDD (riversideca.gov) or at the One stop shop at city hall.