Riverside Public Utilities

Design Standards

Standards Drawings and Specifications for Construction

All developer-installed water facilities must be designed and installed in accordance with the approved City of Riverside Public Utilities plans and applicable standards and must be inspected by the utility. You may use the following Specification No. 205 Water Design Manual files below for your reference.

For additional questions, call RPU Water Engineering at (951) 826-5285.

Appendix I – Design Policy (PDF)

The Design Criteria Manual was developed to guide developers and their engineers through the process of designing new public water facilities in RPU’s service area. This manual provides general guidelines for water system design in both residential and commercial development.

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Appendix II – Approved Materials (PDF)

See Appendix II Approved Materials list.

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Sample Composite Water Plan (PDF)

Sample plans are provided for engineers to reference when creating plans for water facilities. Please use the RPU standard title block on all water plan submittals.

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Sample Water Improvement Plans (PDF)

The sample plans are provided as a guide to assist with preparing a composite utility plan and water main improvement plan.

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