Riverside Public Utilities

Self-Generation Program

solar panels

RPU’s Self-Generation Program allows our solar customers to remain fully connected to the power grid and receive a credit on their bill for all excess energy sent back to the grid. RPU’s program has been tremendously successful and has resulted in over 4,700 homes and businesses installing solar and reducing the utility’s reliance on grid supplied energy. Self-Generation is RPU’s next phase of this program to continue to grow the adoption of solar and other customer-owned renewable energy resources, while benefiting all of the City’s electric customers.

Self-Generation Program Details:

  • Build up to 150% of historic annual energy consumption
  • Residential Self-Generation Customers will be placed on Domestic Time of Use Rate (DTOU)
  • Billing credits will be calculated by multiplying the Avoided Cost of Energy rate and, if applicable, the Time of Delivery Factor at the time of energy supply
  • Self-Generation Customers shall comply with all applicable interconnection requirements of Electric Rule 22 “Distributed Generation Facilities Interconnection”
  • Production meter optional
  • Customers on an existing NEM agreement are not affected


If you are interested in solar and would like more information on the process, you can find general solar information and the RPU solar process.