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Electrify Riverside

Take advantage of our Electrify Riverside Electric Vehicle (EV) incentives so your business is EV ready.


Non-Residential and Multifamily EV Charger Rebate

Receive up to $3,500 for each hardwired wall or pedestal mounted Level 2 (240-Volt AC) plug-in EV charger(s) installed in excess of building codes (for new construction). One (1) EV charger rebate is available to commercial customers who have a minimum of three (3) parking spaces available to employees, customers, visitors, and/or tenants. One (1) additional EV charger rebate is available for each additional 10 parking spaces.

For example:

  • 3 parking spaces = 1 EV charger rebate
  • 13 parking spaces = 2 EV charger rebates
  • 23 parking spaces = 3 EV charger rebates
  • 33 parking spaces = 4 EV charger rebates
  • 43 parking spaces = 5 EV charger rebates

Qualified affordable housing development(s) can receive an additional $1,000 for each hardwired wall or pedestal mounted EV charger provided on site that exceed residential building code requirements.

Program Guidelines

  • Applicant must be an active Riverside Public Utilities electric commercial customer.
  • All electrical work must be performed by a qualified and licensed contractor in accordance with local codes, permitting, and inspection requirements.
  • Level 2 chargers must be new units.
  • Chargers that are portable, resold, rebuilt, received from warranty insurance claims, or won as a prize are not eligible for rebates under this Program.
  • Level 2 (240V) chargers must be equipped with the SAE J1772 standard or Tesla connector plug and certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory (or NRTL).
  • An electrical permit from the City of Riverside’s Building and Safety Division is required for the installation of a hard-wired EV charger or new/modified 240 V power socket. Applicants that utilize an existing 240V power socket are responsible to ensure the existing socket is compatible with the charger plug type and loading requirements – if unsure, check with a licensed electrician.
  • An existing or new 240V outlet is NOT eligible for incentives. Plug in chargers are eligible for incentives.
  • RPU may conduct on-site inspection, at its own discretion, to verify information provided in the application.
  • Charger rebate will be based upon actual cost of the charger(s) and shall not exceed the cost of the equipment.
  • Submit your online rebate application within 180 days of completed installation.
  • Maximum of five (5) EV charger rebates per business or multi-family housing location every 5 years.

Program Guidelines

The rebate applicant must obtain an electrical permit for the installation of the new EV charger by visiting:

Online: Public Permit Portal


In Person:    

City of Riverside One Stop Shop
Building & Safety Division
3900 Main Street, 3rd Floor, Riverside, CA 92522

For more information about the permit process visit Building & Safety Permits or contact the Building & Safety Division by phone at (951) 826-5800.

Required Documents for Eligibility:

  • Site map that shows number of parking spaces
  • A photo of the installed EV charger(s)
  • A copy of the Building/Electrical Inspection Sign off that is provided by the Riverside Building Inspector after the charging station has been installed and inspected
  • A photo of the serial number on the charger(s)
  • All charging station purchase and installation receipts

Application and copies of required documents can be submitted by:

Upon approval, your rebate check will arrive by mail in 6 to 8 weeks.