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Take advantage of our Electrify Riverside Electric Vehicle (EV) incentives so your business is EV ready.


Public Access EV Charger Rebate

Riverside Public Utilities is offering a Public Access Electric Vehicle Charger rebate to commercial customers who install Level 2 (240-Volt) or higher plug-in electric vehicle (EV) chargers at locations accessible to patrons, multi-family dwelling residents, commuters, and visitors. Under this program, customers will be reimbursed for equipment expenses up to $5,000 per charging station for public access locations, or $10,000 for schools, qualified affordable housing development(s), or publicly accessible DC fast plug-in locations (maximum of 5 charging stations per location). Eligible expenses include the cost of the charging equipment only.

Program Guidelines

  • Applicant must be an active Riverside Public Utilities electric commercial customer and the EV charger must be installed at service address.
  • The incentive offer is on a first-come, first-served basis and is effective until funding is expended, or the program is discontinued.
  • Charger rebate will be based upon actual cost of the charger(s) and shall not exceed the cost of the equipment.
  • All electrical work must be performed by a qualified and licensed contractor in accordance with local codes, permitting, and inspection requirements.
  • Level 2 chargers and Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFC) must be new units.
    • Chargers that are portable, resold, rebuilt, received from warranty insurance claims, or won as a prize are not eligible for rebates under this Program.
  • An electrical permit from the City of Riverside’s Building and Safety Division is required for the installation of a hard-wired EV charger or new/modified 240 V power socket. Applicants that utilize an existing 240V power socket are responsible to ensure the existing socket is compatible with the charger plug type and loading requirements – if unsure, check with a licensed electrician.
  • RPU may conduct on-site inspection, at its own discretion, to verify information provided in the application.
  • Submit your online rebate application within 180 days of completed installation.
  • Maximum of five (5) EV charger rebates per business or multi-family housing location every 5 years.


Schools, Qualified Affordable Housing, & DC fast chargers are eligible for up to $10,000 per charging station if they meet the following criteria:

  • Installed charging station(s) are publicly accessible during regular business hours.
  • Installed charging station(s) are DC Fast Chargers with a minimum of 2 charging ports.
  • Installed charging station(s) are accessible to students and patrons of schools recognized by the Riverside Unified School District or the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
  • Charging stations have been installed in a disadvantaged community (DAC) as defined by the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) at CalEPA.ca.gov/envjustice/ghginvest/
  • Charging stations have been installed at income-qualified housing structures serving 80% or more income-qualified customers as defined by the State of California Health and Safety Code Section 50105. This section defines “Very Low Income” households as persons and families at or below 50 percent of area (Riverside County) median income, adjusted for family size, and revised annually.

Required Documents for Eligibility

  • A photo of the installed EV charger(s)
  • A copy of the Building/Electrical Inspection Sign off that is provided by the Riverside Building Inspector after the charging station has been installed and inspected
  • A photo of the serial number on the charger(s)
  • All charging station purchase and installation receipts
  • W9 Form (required for all Multi-family, HOA, and Commercial applications)

Application and copies of required documents can be submitted by:

Upon approval, your rebate check will arrive by mail in 6 to 8 weeks.


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