Riverside Public Utilities

Energy Innovations Grant


The Energy Innovations Grant program is an ongoing program that has already contributed over $2 million in research funds to our local Universities. Funding from the program has helped post-secondary institutions look for new ways to advance science and technology in energy-related fields. Over the last five years, the utility industry has seen rapid changes as new technology has entered into the utility field. Riverside Public Utilities is looking to continue its partnerships with higher education institutions to explore ways to utilize technologies available today in order to make energy cleaner, more efficient and reliable.

Proposals must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for consideration:

Propose an original innovative solution to a significant energy issue, address a California market need, provide a clear potential benefit to California electricity ratepayers, and target one or more of the categories listed below as it relates to the utility:

  • Building efficiency
  • Energy quality
  • Distribution system impacts
  • Distributed generation impacts
  • Environmentally-preferred advanced generation
  • Renewable generation utility impacts
  • Energy-related research
  • Strategic energy research
  • Advanced electric transportation research
  • Smart Grid applications
  • Energy efficiency demonstration projects

Items that typically do not meet program intent:

  • Materials components development or research
  • Nanotechnology components and materials research
  • Fuel cell components and materials
  • Battery components and materials
  • Generation improvement development
  • Products/services readily available in the commercial market


How Do I Apply?

Please submit Energy Innovation Grant Proposal to email [email protected].