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Riverside Public Utilities offers two payment plan options to help our customers budget and pay their utility bills.

Direct Pay Plan

The Direct Pay Plan offers all residential and commercial customers served by Riverside Public Utilities the ability to have their utility payment paid directly from their preferred checking, savings and loan or credit union account. You no longer need to write a check to pay your utility bill.  Here 's how it works:

  1. Completely fill out the Direct Pay Application with all the required information and print it out.

  2. Attach a blank check from your financial institution marked "VOID"

  3. Send it in!

Remember to send the application in with a blank voided check, otherwise it will delay your application. It takes about 6-8 weeks to activate your account in the program.

The check writer for the Riverside Public Utilities account must also be listed as a responsible party for the RPU utility account. If the check writer is not listed on the account, please call Customer Service at 951-782-0330 and we'll add them to it.

Prior to your activation in the program, you will receive a pre-notification statement that must be paid. Bill statements following that statement will show you that no payment is due, but that Riverside Public Utilities will soon draft monies from your account.

You can set the maximum payment level we take out (must be $25 or more) so you know exactly how much money Riverside Public Utilities is taking out of your account each month. Plus, you may increase or decrease your maximum payment level whenever you want (e.g., during seasonal high or low periods of use). Customers may drop out of Direct Pay at any time and return to normal billing procedures.

If you have any bills that are over your pre-set level, or if you are late paying your bill, you are returned to a normal bill-paying cycle and are subject to normal collection fees - which means you'll have to dust off that check book and write us a check.

Also, if your payment transaction is returned by your bank for any reason, including insufficient funds and closed or unauthorized accounts, you will be taken off the program and you will be required to pay the amount due before continuing with the program.

Once your bill is paid, you will be put back on the Direct Pay program.

Sign Up Today! Print out our Direct Pay Application now, attach a blank voided check, and mail it in!

Level Pay Plan For Residents & SMALL BUSINESSES

The Level Pay Plan helps Riverside Public Utilities’ residential and small business customers even out their utility bill payments over the course of the entire year. For example, instead of having larger bills in the summer, you will pay one flat rate all year round, thus offsetting higher summer bills.

How does the Level Pay Plan work?
Riverside Public Utilities will calculate a set amount for customers to pay, based upon on the qualifying customers' past billing statements. Once the Utility account has been established for the Level Pay Plan, customers will begin to pay their set amount on the first bill statement after enrollment.

To qualify, residential customers must have a good payment history and have had service at the same location for twelve consecutive months. Level Pay Plan customers will receive a yearly settlement bill statement reflecting a debit or credit, based on the difference of actual usage and their set Level Pay amount.

For even more worry-free bill paying, customers can combine the Level Pay Plan with our Direct Pay Plan and have the same amount automatically deducted from their existing checking or savings accounts.

Level Pay Plan for Commercial Customers

To qualify, business customers

  • Usage must not exceed 8000 KwH per month
  • The account must have good payment history
  • The account must have had service at the same location for 12 consecutive months

Business customers are eligible to sign up for this program any time during the year with the understanding they will receive a settlement bill every year in January.

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