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Domestic Time-of-Use Tiered Rate

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Domestic Time-Of-Use Tiered Rate Plan

Who qualifies for this rate?
RPU residential electric customers with good utility payment history who live in single-family residences are eligible for this rate. Before applying, please review the Domestic Time-of-Use Tiered Rate guidelines below.

Program Participation Cap
The total number of customers receiving service under this rate schedule shall not exceed 500. Once the program cap is reached, this rate schedule will be closed to any new customers.

How do I apply? 
To apply for or learn more about RPU’s Domestic TOU Tiered Rate, call 951-826-5485, or complete and return the application form.

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Domestic Time-Of-Use Tiered Rate Plan Application Form

Program Guidelines

  • Customers must fulfill all program guidelines, program specific and general RPU program guidelines, to be eligible.
  • Applicant must be the same as the utility billing customer for electric service.
  • Applicant must sign an authorization/agreement form.
  • Application is subject to RPU General Manager approval.
  • Applicants must occupy a single-family metered residence.
  • Customer must exhibit an exemplary utility payment history based on the last 12 months of RPU receiving an application.
  • Applicants must provide unobstructed access to the electric meter and permit RPU to make necessary time-of-use meter modifications. 
  • Customers applying for the Domestic TOU Tiered Rate with electric vehicles must provide RPU with the make, model, and year of the vehicle along with the type of charger (i.e., level 1 or level 2).
  • Customers may choose to return to the standard residential electric rate by submitting written notification to RPU. The change will become effective for service rendered after the next regular meter reading following RPU’s receipt of written notification.
  • Once a customer has returned to the standard residential electric rate, the customer must remain on the standard residential electric rate for 12 months prior to reapplying to the Domestic TOU Tiered Rate.