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Refrigerator Recycling

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Refrigerator Recycling Program

This program is currently on hold.

Refrigerator Recycling is a free public benefit service that offers residential electric customers the opportunity to recycle older, operating inefficient refrigerators and standalone freezers. These units are transported to a recycling facility for dismantling and processing, making the program easy and convenient for our customers.

It is important to know that California law prohibits dumping your refrigerator or freezer in landfills and that many disposal companies charge a fee to pick up refrigerators or freezers for recycling.

What are the benefits of recycling my older units?
By recycling your old, inefficient refrigerator or freezer, you can save on future electric costs. In fact, inefficient refrigerators and freezers can cost $200 or more per year to use than those that are energy-efficient. Add a second refrigerator in the garage and you could be looking at an additional $100 or more in yearly electric costs. This is why we now offer customers $50 when they recycle their old, working refrigerators or freezers without buying a new one. See below for details.

What Do I Need to Do?

This program is currently on hold.

Qualified customers can visit the Appliance Recycling Center of America (ARCA) website (https://www.arcaincutility.com/CA/RPU/) to schedule an appointment for pick-up. Once the appointment has been scheduled, a representative will come to your home to pick up the appliance at curb side.  Please be aware that other scrap metal companies or individuals may come by and try to pick up your appliance. RPU can only issue rebates on appliances that have been picked up by authorized sources. Proof of recycling by ARCA or other participating recycling resource is required.