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Agricultural Rates & Programs

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Agricultural Rates & Programs

When Riverside was settled in the 1870s, water was a key commodity for growth. Completed in 1890, the Gage Canal played a vital role in bringing water to key areas throughout the city and helped establish Riverside’s rich agricultural history and overall development. Nearly 100 years later, this important waterway led to the creation of Riverside’s “Greenbelt,” the agricultural and low-density residential area surrounding the Gage Canal in Arlington Heights

To preserve Riverside’s ongoing agricultural heritage, Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) now offers special programs and rates that support local agriculture and grove replanting.

Metropolitan Water District’s Water Savings Incentive Program

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California offers its Water Savings Incentive Program for local agricultural water users. Program participants can receive rebates when they make improvements to their existing irrigation systems and landscaping.

To get more information on this program go to BeWaterWise.com or call 213-217-6244.

Agricultural Water Rates

To preserve and promote Riverside’s agricultural lands, the City offers water rates applicable to qualifying Greenbelt area customers. For Greenbelt properties with access to the Gage Canal system, the WA-8 Greenbelt Irrigation Service can help customers receive water from the canal.

Properties without access to the Gage Canal may be eligible for the WA-12 Agricultural Service. This service was created by Riverside’s City Council to preserve the City’s agricultural heritage. See the WA-12 Agricultural Service application for new customers.

For more information on these rates or to apply, see call 951-826-5285.