The Public Works Department plays a vital role in protecting waterways to promote quality of life for the City of Riverside. The City’s storm drain system takes water runoff from the streets to local streams and rivers, then down to the ocean. Many residential activities pollute water quality, ultimately harming the environment. These activities include over-watering lawns, applying commercial fertilizers and pesticides and discarding trash on the sidewalk and streets.

You are the solution to pollution!

Maintaining a healthy environment is everyone’s responsibility. Here are some suggestions to start preventing pollution today:

  • Use non-toxic household products whenever possible.
  • Dispose of household hazardous waste properly.
  • Never throw litter or debris into the street.
  • Use mulch to control runoff.
  • Pick up after your pet and dispose of waste in the trash.
  • Use natural fertilizers whenever possible.
  • Do not overuse fertilizers or over-water gardens and lawns.
  • Maintain your automobile to prevent fluid leaks.
  • Clean up fluid spills immediately. Apply absorbent, sweep up the spill and dispose of the contaminated material properly.
  • Make sure all water runoff from vehicle washing flows to landscape or gravel areas.

Remember...Only Rain Down the Drain!