Wide Load Permits

Special permits are required for the movement of vehicles/loads exceeding statutory limitations on the size, weight, and loading of vehicles contained in Division 15 of the California Vehicle Code. Requests for such special permits requires the completion of and application for an Oversized Load Permit.

The main criterion for an oversized load is that the load be non-reducible, that is, that it cannot be reduced down and transported in a legal vehicle.

Oversized Load Permit Documents


Frequently Asked Questions

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When is an Oversized Load Permit necessary?

A permit is required when a vehicle, equipment or load may need to be transported through the City of Riverside that are beyond standard legal limits


What is considered Oversized?

An oversized load is any load that may be:

  • Over-height
  • Over-width
  • Over-length
  • Over-weight
  • Additional axles
  • Please see the additional Permit Conditions for specifics


Where are Oversized Load Permits issued?

For application instructions or additional questions, please call 951-826-5341.

See the Oversized Load Permit Application.


What are the costs for an Oversized Load Permit?

You may request an annual permit or a per application permit.

  • Annual permit is $90.00 per vehicle
  • One time permit is $16.00 per load


Why must I have an Oversized Load Permit?

You must have an oversized load permit to haul large loads through the City of Riverside’s city boundaries for many reasons. The City must know what type of load you are transporting in case of emergency, in order to mitigate traffic impact, allow inspectors to follow-up as necessary and in order to maintain general public safety. Additionally, there may be restrictions to the travel routes due to construction, schools, events, etc. Finally, interdepartmental coordination for City personnel must all be aware of activities throughout the City.


Who may apply for an Oversized Load Permit?

Contractors or businesses that transport oversized loads. You must have a valid business license and all proper insurance in order to apply.


Who should I contact in case there is an emergency while transporting through the City?

Call 911 immediately
All other issues, use the following list as a reference:

Police Department 951-826-5700
Fire Department 951-826-5737
Traffic Engineering Division 951-826-5366
Traffic Signal Maintenance (Daytime) 951-351-6096
Traffic Signal Maintenance (After Hours) 951-351-7911
Street Light Repair 951-351-6005
City Electric, Water (After Hours) 951-687-0791
American Medical Response Ambulance Service 951-684-5520
Riverside Transit Authority 951-836-0342
Riverside Unified School District (Daytime) 951-788-7496
Riverside Unified School District (After Hours) 951-788-7496 ext. 84400
Alvord Schools 951-351-9325
Special Services Transportation 951-687-8080
AT&T (Emergency) 951-811-2121
Gas Company (Emergency) 800-427-2200
Verizon 800-483-2000


What information do I need to provide the City of Riverside before an Oversized Load Permit is issued?

Prior to hauling through the City, print and review the Oversized Truck Route Map. If possible, you must select 1 of the 3 Approved Primary Routes shown if they are applicable to your end destination. If you may need to travel an alternate route, indicate which on the map and submit to Public Works for review. If there is any other route that you require, you must submit a detailed route plan for Public Works to review and approve.

Approved Primary Routes:

  1. Blue Line: Van Buren > Lincoln > Jackson > Indiana > Van Buren (and Vice Versa)
  2. Green Line: Alessandro > Chicago > MLK > Iowa > Blaine, ending at freeway (and Vice Versa)
  3. Purple Line: Main > Columbia > Iowa, ending at freeway (and Vice Versa)
  4. Light Blue Line: Alternate Routes
  5. Other: On a case by case basis, highlight your proposed route on the map and submit to the Public Works counter for review

Note: Orange lines on the map indicate Cal-Trans Freeway routes. You must coordinate with Cal-Trans to obtain proper permitting within their boundaries


What are some of the requirements/next steps to proceed with processing a permit?

  • Allow 2 business days for review of your application
  • Provide Public Works your Approved Primary Route or Detailed Route Plan
  • Fill out the Permit
  • Routes shall be approved/denied by the City of Riverside, Public Works Department based on information provided
  • Certificate of insurance & liability
  • Valid Business License with the City of Riverside
  • Every permit shall be carried in the vehicle or combination of vehicles to which it refers and shall be open to inspection of any peace officer, traffic officer, authorized agent of the Department of Transportation, or any other officer or employee charged with the care or protection of such highways. (CVC 35783)
  • Comply to the Riverside Municipal Code relating to Oversized Loads
  • Read, understand and follow the specific Permit Conditions
  • Understand the travel times and restrictions
  • Know height limit restrictions

You are responsible for reading and understanding the specific requirements and rules associated with the type of oversized load you are transporting. You may need pilot cars or other special accommodations to travel. If you have questions or need further assistance, contact City of Riverside, Public Works Department at 951-826-5341.