Riverside Police Department

Special Needs Reunification Program

In partnership with the Riverside County Sheriff Department, the Riverside Police Department is offering access to their Special Needs Reunification Program (SNRP), a program intended to help locate missing members of our community with special needs.

Designed to assist in the timely reunification of loved ones who may become displaced from their homes, the program can provide law enforcement with crucial information about the registered person even before we arrive at their residence.  Individuals with Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Down Syndrome are examples of members of our community who might benefit from this registry.

The registry contains information on registered persons including emergency contact information, detailed physical descriptions, photographs, communication abilities, routines, behaviors, and other helpful details.  

The information provided should be updated on an annual basis, so that your registration can be kept current and active.  Participation is voluntary and is a great tool to assist law enforcement with information that can help to quickly identify a lost or displaced loved one and assist in reunification.


Register Person

Please note, you will be redirected to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department website.

If you are unable to register yourself or a loved one via the online enrollment form, please contact Andrew Guerra at [email protected] or by phone at (951) 826-5147 to arrange in-person registration.


Additional Resources

The Riverside Police Department does not endorse any of the organizations listed, they are provided solely as informational resources for ‘special needs’ individuals and families.