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Citizen/Teen Academy

Citizen Academy Learning About Police Helicopters

The Riverside Police Department's Summer Teen Academy Session is held every Thursday night beginning June 6th, 2024 and continues through July 25th, 2024. Recruitment in now open! Please follow our Social Media for more information on both the upcoming Teen Academy and the Fall session for the Citizen Academy.

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The Riverside Police Department's Citizen Academy was established in 1994 with the goal of providing community members with an inside look behind the scenes how the department runs its day-to-day operation. In addition, the Citizen Academy provides an opportunity for community members to engage with department personnel. The 8/10-week course is designed to give citizens an overview of the department's function and operational methods. The course will provide an insight on how police personnel perform their duties

The Citizens Academy is a program designed for citizens currently residing, working or going to school, in the City of Riverside. The Citizen Academy will educate citizens and hopefully inspire participation in police-community partnerships, promote open lines of communication, develop lasting relationships, and promote programs such as Neighborhood Watch and Public Education.


The Citizen Academy encourages involvement in community partnerships and volunteering. The Riverside Police Department offers a diverse selection of volunteer opportunities. Throughout the course, Department volunteers will share experiences and volunteer program information. Citizens interested in volunteering for the Police department must complete the Citizens Academy.

Sessions are conducted by police personnel in a classroom setting and do not involve physical training (with the exception of the Teen Academy). Citizen Academy sessions start in February. Most classes will be held at the Magnolia Police Facility and run Thursday nights from 6PM-9PM.

The Riverside Police Department in addition to the regular Citizen's Academy offers a Summer Teen Academy. The Teen Academy is an 8-week course. This academy is similar of that of the Adult Citizen Academy but also introduces physical training in the curriculum.

This academy is NOT the Basic Peace Officer Academy.

Course Curriculum Information Includes:

Personnel and Training Division

Use of Force Options

Patrol and Traffic Operations

Media Unit

Technical Services Unit


K-9 Team

Metro Division (SWAT)

Aviation Unit

Forensics Services Bureau

Dispatch Communications

Volunteer Program and Opportunities

Eligibility Requirements:

Potential candidates for the Citizens Academy must meet the following criteria:

  • 18 years of age or older at the time of application
  • Must reside, work, or attend school within the City of Riverside.
  • No felony arrests
  • Misdemeanor arrests will be viewed on a case by case basis
  • No infractions within the last 5 years of issued date
  • Each candidate will have an informal background check conducted by the Police Department

The Riverside Police Department reserves the right to deny any applications. For more information about the Citizen Academy please contact CSO J. David at (951) 826-5704 and for the Teen Academy please contact PPC. J. Pauli at (951) 826-5235



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