Project Overview

RWQCP Phase 1 Plant Expansion Overview

Construction Cost: $192,202,921
Status: Under Construction
Start Date: September 10, 2012
End Date: December 11, 2015
Contacts: Brendan Rafferty  
  Administrative Analyst  
  [email protected]  

Project Status

Last updated on 9/15/2015.

  • Rehabilitation of Odor Control Facility at Headworks;
  • Construction of Primary Clarifier Odor Control Facility;
  • Installation of equipment at MBR Aeration Basin;
  • Installation of piping and equipment at Digesters 3 and 4;
  • Construction of Control Building at Digesters 3 and 4;
  • Construction of Expansion to the Men’s Locker Room at the Collections Building;
  • Installation of equipment at the Aeration Blower Building No. 2;
  • Installation of equipment at the MBR Fine Screen Facility;
  • Construction of new Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) Station;
  • Construction of new Solids Blending Facility;
  • Construction of Sodium Hypochlorite Feed Building;
  • Construction of MBR Scour Air Building;
  • Construction of Gas Storage Facility; and
  • Installation of MBR Standby Generators.



Project Description

MBR Treatment Train:

  • New 10 million gallon primary effluent equalization basin including new primary effluent pump station;
  • Four (4) new covered primary tanks, primary sludge and scum pump station, and associated appurtenances;
  • Demolition of existing Plant 1 primary clarifiers;
  • New aeration basin and modifications of existing aeration systems including new process air blower, ducts and vavles;
  • Four (4) new rotary fine screens and associated appurtenances;
  • Modifications of existing secondary clarifiers to retrofit 26 million gallons per day membrane bioreactor system, including canopy cover, scour air system, recovery clean system, chemical storage and dosing facilities and associated appurtenances;
  • Expansion of existing Chlorine Contact Basin No. 2;


Activated Treatment Train:

  • Flat cover system for four (4) existing primary clarifiers and associated ductwork to new odor control system;
  • Replacement of four (4) primary clarifier and four (4) secondary clarifier mechanisms and associated appurtenances;


Odor Control:

  • New biofilter to serve all primary clarifiers including connecting ductwork, dampers and fans;
  • New biofilter to serve the Headworks;
  • Demolition of existing Headworks biofilter;


Solids Handling:

  • Two (2) new anaerobic digesters and a new digester building;
  • Refurbishment of two existing digesters and the associated digester building;
  • Refurbishment of the existing digested sludge storage tank including Refurbishment of the existing Sludge Pumping Station;
  • New WAS disintegration system;
  • New solids blending tanks, pumps and appurtenances;
  • New fat, oil and grease (FOG) receiving and rendering station;
  • New Digester Gas Storage Facility and new Digester Gas Flare;
  • Demolition of existing Digester No. 3;


Other Works:

  • Six (6) new diesel generators for standby electrical power;
  • Conversion of existing secondary effluent equalization basins into storm water basins and associated pump stations and other appurtenances;
  • New ferric chloride storage and dosing facilities at the existing Headworks;
  • Modification and expansion of existing Maintenance Scheduling and Collection Administration Building;
  • Construction of two (2) new Material Storage Beds;
  • Miscellaneous electrical, communication, yard piping, landscaping, grading, and paving;