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Make your fairytale a reality.

Riverside has multiple facilites with ballroom/banquet facilities perfect for your elegant occasion.  Imagine your wedding, quinceañera or Bat Mitzvah at one of these state-of-the art locations with elegant amenities, beautiful interior design and gorgeous landscapes.   Ballroom reservation fees begin at $85 - $310* per hour with capacities of 200 - 400 depending on location. For reservation information, contact the banquet facility location below.  For rental forms, visit the forms page.

*Deposit and processing fee required. Other fees may apply.

Bobby Bonds Park/César Chávez Center
2060 University Ave. • (951) 826-5746 • [email protected]

Bordwell Park/Stratton Center
2008 Martin Luther King Blvd.(951) 826-5355 • [email protected]

Hunt Park/Renck Center
4015 Jackson St. • (951) 351-6132 • [email protected]

Fairmount Park/Lakeside Room
2601 Fairmount Blvd. • (951) 826-2000[email protected]

La Sierra Senior Center
5215 La Sierra Ave. - Bldg. B • (951) 351-6435 • [email protected]

Orange Terrace Park/Orange Terrace Center
20010 Orange Terrace Pkwy. • (951) 826-5858 • [email protected]

Springbrook Clubhouse
1011 N. Orange St.(951) 826-5654[email protected]

Villegas Park/Ysmael Villegas Center
3091 Esperanza St.(951) 351-6142 • [email protected]

White Park/Dales Senior Center
3936 Chestnut St.(951) 826-5303[email protected]

*Se Habla Español

Ballroom Rental Rules:

  • Rental time must include decorating time, event time and clean up time.
  • Doors do not open until the rental start time.
  • Alcohol use -
    • An additional alcohol permit fee of $134.25 will be charged. 
    • Consumption must be inside the facility and cease one hour prior to the end of the event time.  (Note: does not include clean-up time.)
    • Alcohol is limited to champagne, wine, and beer ONLY.
    • Alcoholic beverages must be served in a designated area.  
    • Hard liquor is not permitted at all. 
    • No glass bottles.  Beer must be served in clear cups.
    • Applicant must hire a security guard for their event if alcohol, live entertainment and/or music is present -  one (1) guard per 100 guests. 
  • Applicant must provide the department with a copy of contract, PPO and liability insurance from the security company at least 30 days prior to event - NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • All fees and charges must be paid in full at least ninety (90) days prior to the event.
  • No open flame grills, candles and/or decorations allowed.  This includes, but is not limited to, candles, smoke/fog machines, barbeques, deep fryers, and outdoor ovens.
  • Tape, nails, and staples are not permitted and cannot be placed on walls to decorate facility.  All decorations must be free standing.
  • Clean-up - The applicant is responsible for clean-up of the facility.  All trash must be placed in trash receptacles.  All decorations and personal property must be removed at the end of the event.  Tables, chairs, kitchen, banquet area, and restrooms must be cleaned.  All areas affected by the reservation must be left in the condition it was found.  Tables and chairs will be taken down by staff working the event.