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Checklist for Starting a New Business

City ImagesIf you are planning to do business in the City of Riverside you must obtain a City of Riverside business license. If you are starting a new business, you must also check to see if you need to record a Fictitious Business Name or if you require a state reseller's license. Here are some guidelines to help you get started:

All new businesses may be required to do the following: Check

Record a Fictitious Business Name
Visit the Riverside County Clerk and Recorder's Office website or call 951-486-7000


Obtain Sales Tax (Reseller's) License
Visit the State Board of Equalization website or call 951-680-6400


Obtain a City Business License
Visit the Conducting Business in Riverside page on this site or contact the Business Tax Section of the Finance Department at 951-826-5465 to complete and submit a Business License Application.

Other forms and applications:

Review the Business License and Special License Application Forms links to the right for applications that may apply to your new business. Contact the Industrial Waste Division of the Public Works Department at 951-351-6145 for a permit to operate.

Are you building a new structure or renovating an existing structure?

Visit the Planning Division website for the required design reviews and plan checks or call 951-826-5371.


Visit the Building & Safety Division website for building permits, building inspections and a Certificate of Occupancy or call 951-826-5697.


Visit the Public Works Department website for proposed public roadway/infrastructure improvements or call 951-826-5341.

Are you establishing a business in an existing building?

Visit the Planning Division website to ensure that your proposed use of the property is allowed in the location you desire or call 951-826-5371.


Visit the Fire Department website for review of fire protection requirements or call 951-826-5321.

Do you need to get your utilities turned on?

Visit the Public Utilities Department website to schedule a turn on date or call 951-782-0330.

Do you need to obtain Environmental Health Permits?

Visit the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health website or call 951-486-7000.

Are you providing temporary lodging to customers?

Contact the Business Tax Section of the Finance Department at 951-826-5465 to find out whether you are subject to Transient Occupancy Tax.

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