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Grants are a strategic source of revenue from federal and state agencies as well as philanthropic organizations to support City projects and programs. All grant funding awarded to the City is recorded in the City's financial system. These funds (revenue) are NOT recorded in the City's General Fund.

The data contained in the quarterly Grant Award report(s) represents a compilation of grant awards approved and still active (the period of the grant has not ended; expenditures may still be charged against the award).

The report provides grant information by City department and includes the granting agency, grant award name, matching funds (City funds) from the City to fulfill the objectives of the grant project, total program/project revenue, start and end date (term), and unspent award balance at the end of the fiscal quarter. 

Active Grants as of March 31st, 2024

Funding by Department

Department Percentage Amount
City Manager 52% 64,462,130
Comm/Economic Dev 12% 15,381,250
Fire 9% 10,985,382
Public Works 7% 8,712,663
Parks & Recreation 6% 6,870,782
Other Departments 14% 16,885,127
Total 100% 123,297,334

Funding by Sources

Funding Source Percentage Amount
Federal 46% 106,515,857
State 44.4% 102,857,426
Local/Private 8.4% 19,439,941
City Funds 1.2% 2,684,260
Total 100% 231,497,484

For additional information, please contact:
Carrie Cue - Senior Accountant
(951) 826-5511

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