Ready Riverside

Get Involved

Before, during, and after an emergency, communities come together to help each other be better prepared, response to the effect of an emergency, and rebuilding the community. Getting involved will not only help you and your household, it can be critical to getting our community back on our feet.


Here are just a few things you can do to get involved:

  • Join the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) – Teaches skills that may be needed during an emergency. Disasters often overwhelm emergency services, and CERT members will be there to use live-saving skills for those in need until first responders arrive.
  • Listos California – Spanish for Ready, Listos is designed to reach out to populations that are more vulnerable during disasters.
  • CPR/AED/First Aid – An estimated 475,000 people die from cardiac arrest each year and knowing CPR and how to use an AED can double or even triple someone survival chances. In addition, first aid skills can help treat an injury until first responders are able to arrive.
  • USGS Did You Feel It? – Did you feel an earthquake? Reporting it to the USGS can help them map the geology of your area, which will help them estimate which areas will be impacted the most during large earthquakes. With this critical information, governments, businesses, organizations, and people can take action to prevent and lessen damage from an earthquake.