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Build a Kit

What is a Disaster Supply Kit?

A disaster supply kit is a collection of items that may be needed during an after an emergency or disaster. Sometimes called a 72-hour kit, survival kit, emergency preparedness kit, or bug-out kit, these kits can be important to the safety of you and your household.


As you put your kits together, remember to consider these factors:


  • What container(s) to use – Some may require a large plastic tub, but a couple backpacks may make more sense for you.
  • Where to store your kit – Make sure it will be accessible when you need it.
  • How will you maintain your kit? – Check it regularly and have a plan to replace expired or out-of-date items.
  • Consider other types of kits you may need – One big kit at home is a great start but consider keeping a kit in other places you may be when an emergency occurs such as at work, in your car, or on vacation.


Download our Disaster Supply Kit Guide here