Enforcement & Rewards

Graffiti is a misdemeanor crime if the damage is under $400. Vandalism that exceeds $400 in damage results in a felony and up to three years in Prison. 

The Public Works Department has an active partnership with the Riverside Police Department to pursue graffiti vandals. This relationship enables us to increase incident reporting and expedite enforcement against graffiti offenders.

To encourage resident reporting of graffiti crimes in progress, the Graffiti Rewards Program was established. Any resident who reports information that leads to an arrest of a graffiti vandal is eligible for a $1,000 reward.   Reporting graffiti is safe and confidential. 


How to Report Graffiti

Existing graffiti can be reported to 3-1-1.

Report graffiti in progress by calling 911 from a safe location (or dial 951-354-2007 from mobile phones to reach police dispatch).  Provide details by telling the police what you saw, where the graffiti is, what the tagger looked like, what they were wearing, and what the graffiti looked like. You may request to remain confidential if you do not wish to be contacted by the police department. You will need to provide your name in order to get a police report number to obtain a reward.  STAY SAFE and never make contact with the tagger. Listen to the instructions from the police department and do not do any investigation work.


How to Claim a $1,000 Reward

  • Follow Up: Call the police department 2-3 days later to determine if an arrest was made. If an arrest was made from your call, then you are eligible for a reward. Request the police report number (i.e. P12-000000).
  • Reward: Contact the 311 Call Center and request a graffiti reward. They will ask for the police report number, incident date and your name. Once the information is verified, a cash reward can be issued.
  • Reward Requirements: 
    • There must be a graffiti offense arrest.
    • The graffiti must have been located in the public right of way or a location visible from the public right of way.
    • Reward must be requested as soon as possible.
    • You must provide the police report number: i.e. P12-000000.
    • City employees are not eligible for the reward.