Community Involvement

The City of Riverside has an active Graffiti Program, but we rely on our residents and businesses to be our eyes in the community. Our graffiti crews spend 70 percent of their time responding to and removing graffiti from service requests that are generated by reported graffiti.

Anyone can get involved in the graffiti program! Residents can do anything from reporting graffiti for clean up to organizing a community paint-out event! Every effort helps, and every tag removed is one wall closer to a clean and graffiti-free Riverside.

Simple ways you can help Riverside become graffiti free

  • Participate in community or other volunteer events.  The City of Riverside hosts the following throughout the year:
    • Paint-Out Events including painting over graffiti, uniforming walls, and removing graffiti from signs and poles.
    • Green Wall Events involve planting landscaping, shrubbery and trees in front of areas prone to graffiti.              
  • Report graffiti promptly.
  • Remove graffiti from your business.
  • Place plants in front of bare walls to deter vandals.
  • Increase outdoor lighting around your home or business.
  • Learn about graffiti vandalism and teach your neighbors about it.
  • Encourage young adults to express themselves legally through art.