Education & Outreach

Our Graffiti Program staff are active in your community! We educate students, residents and businesses about graffiti prevention, reporting, removal, community involvement, and consequences of vandalism.

Contact 311 to schedule a graffiti presentation!


  • Business Outreach

    Your business outreach program is designed to help businesses identify graffiti problem areas and come up with strategies to mitigate and prevent graffiti on your property.

    Graffiti removal takes time and resources away from your business. However, if you ignore graffiti and allow vandalism to remain on your property, your business will suffer because vandalism and other crimes will increase, driving your customers away.

  • School Outreach

    We have partnered with local school districts to develop a "Take Back the Wall" graffiti education presentation for young adults between 11 and 14 years old. Our presentation teaches students about the consequences of and alternatives to graffiti vandalism. Students learn how to take pride in their community.