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Ronaldo Fierro

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Councilmember Ronaldo Fierro was born and raised in Riverside, and has roots deeply embedded in strong Riverside values. His father Mel and mother Mary-Ann came to Riverside to raise their family as their small-business began to grow. Some of Ronaldo’s earliest memories are of his father sharing stories of perseverance --working in fields up and down California and overcoming immense challenges to be able to start his own produce company.

Those values of hard work and dedication led Ronaldo to continue his father’s legacy as the Vice President of Inland Premium Packers and build his own path as a successful restaurateur -- as the owner and operator of The Salted Pig and W. Wolfskill. The lessons from his father and his gratitude to the city that provided him these opportunities led Ronaldo to dedicate his time to working on two of the City’s largest issues: protecting taxpayers and homelessness.

Ronaldo served as a City Commissioner on the Budget Engagement Commission, which was established after the passing of Measure Z to advise the Mayor and City Council on spending and policy priorities.

As our City Councilmember for Ward 3, Ronaldo will continue to work to protect taxpayers and advance local priorities: creating good-paying jobs, keeping families in their homes, and strengthening city infrastructure.

Ronaldo lives in the Victoria neighborhood with his wife, Sheena and their daughter, Luna.

Councilmember Fierro plans to thoughtfully listen to the residents of Ward 3 and Riverside with an open mind, while viewing all policy-making through the lens of implementing innovative and revenue-positive policies that promote and boost sustainable and strong economic development in our region.

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