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Born and raised in Riverside, many of Ronaldo Fierro’s earliest memories are those of his father sharing stories of immense perseverance, working in fields up and down California and overcoming insurmountable challenges to start their family’s produce company. Those values of hard work and dedication led Ronaldo to continue his father’s legacy as the Vice President of Inland Premium Packers and build his own path as a small business owner, opening two restaurants in Riverside, The Salted Pig and W. Wolfskill.

On the Riverside City Council, Councilmember Fierro is focused on ensuring that the City of Riverside is doing all that is within its power to actively respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and to bring Riverside forward into a full recovery, and eventual rebound, from the traumatic effects of the pandemic. This will take patience, community strength and constant attention by your local elected officials.

As the Chair of the City Council’s Economic Development Committee, Councilmember Fierro has taken a leadership role in continuing business attraction and retention efforts amidst the pandemic – leading government agencies and private partners in leveraging the movement of the California Air Resources Board to Riverside to attract sustainable business enterprises and high-paying green jobs to our community.

Councilmember Fierro remains focused on fostering safer neighborhoods for all, improving mobility infrastructure to better connect riverside, and shaping a government structure that is reflective of our innovative and diverse community.

The Ward 3 District includes many of the central areas of the city and includes the following neighborhoods: Victoria, Hawarden Hills, Magnolia Center, Ramona and the Riverside Airport.

Ronaldo currently lives in the Victoria neighborhood with his wife, Sheena and their 7-year old daughter, Luna.

Community Trust – Riverside is transparent and makes decisions based on sound policy, inclusive community engagement, involvement of City Boards & Commissions, and timely and reliable information. Activities and actions by the City serve the public interest, benefit the City’s diverse populations, and result in greater public good.

Equity – Riverside is supportive of the City’s racial, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, identity, geographic, and other attributes of diversity and is committed to advancing the fairness of treatment, recognition of rights, and equitable distribution of services to ensure every member of the community has equal access to share in the benefits of community progress.

Fiscal Responsibility – Riverside is a prudent steward of public funds and ensures responsible management of the City’s financial resources while providing quality public services to all.

Innovation – Riverside is inventive and timely in meeting the community’s changing needs and prepares for the future through collaborative partnerships and adaptive processes.

Sustainability and Resiliency – Riverside is committed to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future and ensuring the City’s capacity to persevere, adapt and grow during good and difficult times alike.


  • Governmental Process: Strengthening of Sunshine Ordinance
  • COVID-19 Protections: Ban on Utility Shut-Offs, Collection of City Fees
  • COVID-19 Protections: Commercial and Residential Eviction Moratorium
  • COVID-19 Protections: Grocery Store Frontline Worker Protections
  • COVID-19 Recovery: $1.8 Million Small Business Assistance Fund
  • Comprehensive Face Mask Outreach Program for local business community
  • Outdoor Flex-Space Program for Gyms and Churches in public parks
  • Adoption of Vehicle Miles Traveled Sustainability Planning Metric
  • TIG/m Sustainable Public Transportation Feasibility Study
  • Amendments to 2025 Strategic Plan to prioritize environmental stewardship
  • RPU Small Business Deposit Credit Program


Chair – Economic Development, Placemaking, Branding & Marketing Committee

Vice Chair – Government Process, Inclusiveness, & Community Engagement Committee

Member – Budget & Financial Performance Committee



Board of Directors, Local Government Commission

Executive Committee, Western Regional Council of Governments