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Mike Gardner is the Ward 1 City Council Representative. He was elected in November, 2007, re-elected in June 2011 and June 2015. Ward 1 includes the Grand, Wood Streets, Downtown and North Side Neighborhoods as well as the portion of the UCR Neighborhood North of Blaine St.

Mike is a 47 year resident of Riverside and has lived in the same home in Ward 1 for the past 44 years. He is a UCR graduate and worked for Southern California Edison for 23 years. Mike and His wife Joyce raised three children, all of whom graduated from Riverside public schools.

Mike was one of the original nine members of the Community Police Review Commission where he served one year as Vice Chair and an unprecedented three terms as Chair. He was a long-time volunteer with the Riverside Fire Department where he helped with Public Education programs and served on the Department’s Disaster Preparedness Committee. Known as a community leader since the mid 1980’s when he helped plan the closure and capping of the City’s landfill, Mike was recognized as the Municipal Volunteer of the Year in 2000.

Jobs and the Economy

Riverside must focus on economic growth and building good jobs in the City and Region.

The Hunter Park, Kansas Avenue Industrial Park and portions of the Northside neighborhood along North Main Street are ideal areas for us to rebuild our industrial base and to build and expand new high tech and research based companies. In 2011 alone the Hunter Park area brought over 1,000 new jobs to Riverside. There is potential for much more. The recent designation of the Innovation Economy Hub in Ward 1 and the Innovation District in Wards 1 and 2 will help market the area to new high tech and research companies.

Transparent Government

Easy and open access so Constituents may be fully informed to facilitate participation.

Fiscal Responsibility

Mike favors healthy reserves, carefully planned 2 year budgets and 5 year plans and independent audits of expenses


Mike supports addressing aging pipes and roads to avoid costly repairs as well as building grade separations where needed to keep the City moving

Safety and Crime

Well staffed, trained and managed safety personnel with needed equipment to keep us safe

Quality of Life

Mike promotes making Riverside a desirable destination for working, living and playing for all. Ward 1 has some of the primary frontage on the Santa Ana River and the City controls much of it. Mike supports planning use of this area in a way that maintains open space from Fairmount Park to Martha McLean Anza Narrows Park. The Santa Ana River Trail traverses this stretch of the Ward and is a major recreational attraction for the region. Both Ryan Bonaminio Park and Martha McLean Anza Narrows Park are great access points to the Santa Ana River Trail and are important additions to the Ward 1 and City Parks inventory. The recently refurbished Hunter Hobby Park is a destination for railroad fans from throughout the region. The Park features the only all steam railroad of its scale I the country.

Affordable Housing

Including for singles, seniors and families

Vibrant Downtown

With a diversity of restaurants, hotels, shopping and entertainment

Arts and Culture

Mike works diligently to preserve Riverside’s historic heritage such as the Harada House and to promote the arts for all

Customer Service

Mike has an open door policy and addresses concerns of Constituents in a timely manner


  • Refurbishment and expansion of the Riverside Convention Center
  • Completed renovation and opened the Historic Fox Theater as the new state of the art Fox Performing Arts Center
  • Completed construction of the Main Street Mall
  • Repaved/resurfaced 31 miles of streets in Ward 1
  • Completed Jurupa, Streeter, Iowa and Columbia Ave. railroad Grade Separations
  • Made major improvements to trails in Mt. Rubidoux Park
  • Completed sidewalk on Grand and Columbia Avenues, providing residents with a sidewalk on at least on side of the street from end to end
  • Returned the 17.5 acre Market St. frontage to Fairmount Park
  • Completed Metropolitan Museum seismic retrofit
  • Completed seismic retrofit of Municipal Auditorium
  • Completed Ryan Bonaminio Park
  • Developing the Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art, Culture and Industry, also known as “The Cheech”
  • Food Lab
  • Northside Specific Plan
  • 573 housing units completed or in Planning process in Downtown Riverside

City Council Policy Committees

Regional Organizations/Committees

  • California Seismic Safety Commission, Chair
  • Agua Mansa Industrial Growth Association Executive Committee
  • Council of Economic Advisors
  • March Air Reserve Base Joint Powers Commission
  • Riverside County Solid Waste Management Advisory Council
  • Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency
  • Southern California Association of Governments Energy and Environment Committee

Lynn Marie Anderson

Lynn has been with Council Member Mike Gardner since he was first elected in 2007 serving as a Legislative Field Representative. Lynn assists Mike with helping constituents with any issue involving city services and quality of life such as public safety, public works, code enforcement, and animal issues. Lynn attends meetings with Mike, assists with research/note taking and attends on his behalf when there are two conflicting meetings scheduled. Like Mike, Lynn is available 24/7 to serve constituents. Lynn has many years of experience working in the insurance industry as well as with non-profits in the fields of arts and animal welfare.

Lynn and her husband Kurt are Ward 1 residents and have two adult children who were raised in Riverside.