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Police Alarm Management System:

The Police Alarm Management System will enable burglar alarm users of the City of Riverside to purchase and pay for a burglar alarm permit or pay a burglar alarm penalty.

Alarm permits are currently a one-time fee of $16.00. You will be able to update your permit with Responsible Party or Contact information. If you are a business owner you can link all of your accounts together under one account in order to manage them. An alarm customer will also be able to see their Alarm Count and invoices.

For existing customers who have already purchased a permit, you will need your permit number in order to link your permit to your account. Please contact the Alarm Enforcement Unit at (951) 826-5600 if you need assistance in obtaining your permit number.

Riverside Municipal Code Chapter 5.58

Security Alarm Systems (Summary)

The purpose of this ordinance is to establish standards and controls to reduce the incidents of false alarm calls responded to by the Police Department. Important portions of the Alarm User’s Ordinance are synopsized herein.

False alarm means the activation of an alarm resulting from human error, a system malfunction, improper installation of the alarm system, or design deficiencies causing an alarm business or reporting party to summon the police when no evidence of a criminal offense or attempted criminal offense is found.

No person shall install or cause to be installed, use, or maintain an alarm system on premises owned, rented or leased within the City without first having obtained an alarm user’s permit from the Police Department. A one-time application fee of $16 shall be paid as set forth by resolution of the City Council.

The Police Department may declare an alarm system at a specific location to be a nuisance if such alarm system activates excessive false alarms. The City Council hereby finds and determines that three false alarms at a permitted location within a calendar year are excessive and thereby constitutes a public nuisance.

A higher false alarm penalty has been established for each additional false alarm during the same calendar year. The penalty has been established by resolution of the City Council. All penalties must be paid within thirty days from the date the invoice was rendered. Non-permitted locations are subject to a higher penalty schedule.

Police False Alarm Response Penalties

False Alarm Response Permitted Non-Permitted
1st response No charge Warning
2nd response No charge $350
3rd response $100 $400
4th response $150 $450
5th response $200 $500
6th+ response $250 $500

If you have any questions or would like to dispute a False Alarm Response Report please contact us at:

Riverside Police Department
Alarm Enforcement Unit

4102 Orange Street Riverside, California 92501
(951) 826-5600
FAX (951) 826-2536
Email: [email protected]

For further information on false alarm prevention, please visit the False Alarm Reduction Association

Download the Complete Ordinance

Download the False Alarm Appeal Form

Download the Alarm Business/Agent/Monitoring Company Registration