Riverside Police Department

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division provides business and support services for the department and the citizens of Riverside. Administrative Services includes:


Fiscal Management

Fiscal Management is responsible for the preparation and administration of the department's budget, grants, asset forfeiture funds, payroll, contract management, and accounting.


Accounting Unit

The Accounting Unit processes all requests for purchases and payments and assists in budget preparation. This unit is also responsible for account reconciliation and the processing of bimonthly payroll for department employees. This unit arranges for travel and accommodations to training schools and conferences for department employees.


Facilities Management

Facilities Management is responsible for building maintenance in the four main police facilities and several off-site facilities.


Grant Unit

The Grant Unit is responsible for grant research and development, financial report documentation, grant monitoring including expenditures and revenues, and department compliance in the use of grant funds. The Grant Unit is also the principal liaison for grant monitoring and financial audits inspections.

The Police Department has been successful in obtaining federal and state grant funds over the past several years. These funds allow the department to purchase new equipment, upgrade existing systems, and hire personnel. Grant funds have enabled the Riverside Police Department to purchase state of the art technology and systems that make this department a recognized leader in the law enforcement arena. In addition, implementation of this technology has made the department more efficient in providing effective community policing programs that enhance the safety and quality of life in the city.