The Public Works Department is committed to water conservation. Currently, landscape medians and parkway irrigation systems are being upgraded with rain sensors to regulate watering as part of the ongoing maintenance and water wise replacement practices of the Trees & Landscaping Division.  All landscaping contractors to use only fescue grass in public landscaping projects because it uses 70% less water than bluegrass.

A more sophisticated approach is also being used for new construction projects involving landscape irrigation within City rights-of-way. A water management system is the City’s current standard for new installations. Water management systems focus on water conservation, labor savings, and irrigation control. Some of the required irrigation features include:


  • Ability to be controlled by a computer or radio controller from offsite locations;
  • Rain sensors to automatically adjust station run times;
  • Waterline failure sensors which automatically shut off the flow during a leakage;
  • Capability of handling up to 48 stations;
  • Usage reports; and
  • Adjustability for maximum irrigation efficiency.