Tree Care Program

Recently, the city set a new target to trim trees within the city right-of-way every 6 years, instead of every 8-9 years, thanks to Measure Z. Residents who would like their trees trimmed more frequently or need other tree services can take advantage of the City’s Street Tree Care Program.

The program allows residents to have trees trimmed more frequently by utilizing the services of the City’s tree maintenance contractor at the affordable flat rates listed below. Also, certain trees may qualify to be planted or removed at the resident’s cost, subject to City review and approval. Residents may also hire their own licensed contractor to trim trees by obtaining a "no-fee" permit.


How it Works

  • Step 1 – Resident contacts 311 to request a tree inspection and specifies that they are interested in the Tree Care Program
  • Step 2 – City Inspector examines the tree within 30 days and determines if the tree service qualifies for the Tree Care Program
  • Step 3 – Inspector provides a completed Tree Care Program form specifiing the services and cost to the resident
  • Step 4 – Resident sends the form with payment to the City Corporation Yard at 8095 Lincoln Avenue, Riverside, CA 92504
  • Step 5 – After payment is received, the City orders work from contractor to be completed by the contractor within 30 days


To qualify, the tree must be located in City of Riverside public right-of-way and between regularly scheduled maintenance. Additionally, the service requested must meet the guidelines in the Urban Forestry Policy Manual. Find additional information on the City’s Tree Maintenance Program including the City’s Urban Forestry Policy Manual.


Contracted Rates

The contracted rates for fiscal years 2024-2025 for tree trimming, removal, and planting services are:

Service Unit Fiscal Year
2024 - 2025
Grid Trim Each$94.45
Service Request Trim Each$219.95
Service Request Phoenix Palm Trim Each$219.95
Service Request Palm Trim Each$177.75
Service Request Clearance Trim Each$105.00
Palm Pod Seed Removal Each$94.45
Palm Skinning Foot$17.80
Tree and Stump Removal Inch$45.55
Tree Only Removal Inch$35.55
Stump Only Removal Inch$21.10
Root Pruning Foot$24.45
Plant 15 Gallon Tree Each$205.55
Plant 24" Box Tree Each$377.70
Plant 36" Box Tree Each$1,194.20
Young Tree Care/Watering Each$28.85
Arborist Services Man Hour$144.45
Festival of Lights Each$211.05
Crew Rental - per man Man Hour$99.95
Emergency Crew Rental - per man Man Hour$116.65
Emergency Response - eve/wknd Man Hour$138.85