Parks, Recreation and Community Services

Trails Master Plan 2030


The City of Riverside Trails Master Plan serves as a guide and implementation tool for the management and development of multi-purpose trails for the City.  This Trails Master Plan (TMP) serves as an update to the Multi-Purpose Recreational Trails Master Plan and Trails Standards document adopted by Council in January 1996, with slight modifications and updates included in the 2003 Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update. In the intervening years since the publication of these documents, the City has grown by nearly 100,000 additional residents, accompanied by new residential buildings, warehouses, commercial developments and retail centers. This update contextualizes the spatial impacts and usage demands of growth throughout the City, creating a plan that meets current needs and goals so that residents and visitors alike can enjoy safe, enjoyable, and convenient access to trails.


This TMP was developed as part of the Riverside PACT (Pedestrian Target Safeguarding Plan, Active Transportation Plan, Complete Streets Ordinance, and Trail Master Plan) planning process, an integrated citywide planning effort addressing on-street and off-street active transportation in a holistic manner, and informed by a robust public engagement process. Public outreach efforts undertaken as part of the PACT process in all 7 Wards included 25 in-person presentations with community groups, surveying the public on preferences and priorities at existing events, a virtual community workshop, and an interactive online public input map that enabled residents to draw-in proposed trails, identify gaps, and prioritize trail projects. The project team also reviewed previous planning documents such as the 2019 Comprehensive Park, Recreation & Community Services Master Plan, 2007 General Plan, Riverside County’s 2018 Comprehensive Trails Plan, conducted interviews with City staff, analyzed and identified proposed trail alignments utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and field work.