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Harada Letter

The Harada Family

Clark Harada's
letters to the army.
A family portrait.

Press Enterprise

Ken's Registration Card

December 7, 1941, "Pearl Harbor",
Press Enterprise Headline.
Ken Harada's
Alien Registration Card

War Letter

Harada's Funeral

Harold Harada's letter from
the war in Europe.
Jukichi Harada's funeral
in Topaz, AZ

The Inaba Family

Inaba's Passport

The Inaba Family Inaba's Japanese Passport

Fujimoto Barracks

Ruth Fujimoto

Fujimoto family barracks
in Poston, AZ.
Ruth Fujimoto as an infant
in Poston, AZ


The instructions to persons of
Japanese ancestry
The Harada House Story
  1. The Lemon Street House
  2. Japanese are Evacuated During WWII
  3. The Internment Camps
  4. Sumi Returns to Her Family Home
  5. Site Preservation
  6. Collections Preservation
  7. Community Outreach
  8. Support Opportunities
  9. PDF of All Photos (21.9M)
Reading the Walls
Lesson Resources
Lesson 1
Oral Interviews
Lesson 3
Oral Interviews
Visiting Harada House
Due to its fragile condition, Harada House is not open to the public.