MSRC Grant Funded Projects

MSRC Grant - Public Outreach

The City of Riverside was awarded Clean Transportation Funding from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC) to assist in the construction and expansion of the existing city owned Alternative Fuel Refueling Infrastructure.

This grant helped partially fund the following projects:

  • Installation of a methane detection system at the Fleet maintenance garage
  • Installation of a satellite multi-product fueling station next to the existing fueling station located at the Corporation Yard
  • Installation of four additional CNG storage spheres located at the Acorn CNG fueling station

This funding opportunity has benefitted the City of Riverside in many ways. It has created a safe working environment and has provided the capability to accommodate indoor maintenance of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles with the addition of methane detection systems in the existing maintenance facilities. The expansion of the publicly accessible CNG fueling stations has allowed the city to accommodate the growing fleet of CNG vehicles as well as advance the efforts towards a clean and green future.