City Organizational Chart

  1. Donesia Gause

    Donesia Gause

    City Clerk

    Donesia Gause

    Donesia Gause

    City Clerk

    Phaedra Norton

    Phaedra Norton

    City Attorney

    Mike Futrell City Manager

    Mike Futrell

    City Manager

    Phaedra Norton

    Phaedra Norton

    City Attorney

      1. Larry V. Gonzalez

        Larry V. Gonzalez


      2. Michael D. Moore

        Michael D. Moore


      3. Michelle Davis

        Michelle Davis

        Department of Housing and Human Services

      4. Phil Pitchford

        Phil Pitchford

        Public Information Officer

      5. Kaitlin Reierson

        Kaitlin Reierson

        Office of Communications

    1. Edward Enriquez

      Edward Enriquez

      Assistant City Manager

      High Performance Team
      1. Carl Carey

        Carl Carey

        General Services

      2. Rene Goldman

        Rene Goldman

        Human Resources

      3. George Khalil

        George Khalil

        Innovation & Technology

      4. Kristie Thomas

        Kristie Thomas


    2. Rafael Guzman

      Rafael Guzman

      Assistant City Manager

      1. Office of Sustainability

      2. Jennifer Lilley

        Jennifer Lilley

        Community & Economic Development

      3. Todd Corbin

        Todd Corbin

        Public Utilities

    3. Kris Martinez

      Kris Martinez

      Assistant City Manager

      Quality of Life
      1. Erin Christmas

        Erin Christmas


      2. Robyn Peterson

        Robyn Peterson


      3. Pamela Galera

        Pamela Galera

        Parks, Recreation &
        Community Services

      4. Gilbert Hernandez

        Gilbert Hernandez

        Public Works