Riverside Police Department

Military Equipment



This video presentation was produced to provide members of the community and others a description of specialized equipment utilized by the Riverside Police Department that is categorized as military equipment, per California Assembly Bill 481.  It will explain the need for and use of our specialized equipment to minimize risk and enhance officer and public safety.



The specialized equipment we will be discussing, and the specifics of AB 481 can be found under Riverside Police Department Policy 705.  The policy has two attachments which include the Military Equipment Inventory and the Military Equipment Fiscal Impact document.  All the equipment being discussed and being presented has already been approved for use by City Council.  The vast majority has been utilized for several years and used successfully during police incidents on numerous occasions.  Prior to the acquisition of any new specialized equipment, an equipment proposal needs to be presented to and approved by City Council before use.  


The specialized equipment we have in our inventory has helped resolve extremely hazardous and dangerous incidents on numerous occasions.  The specialized equipment has mitigated the need for use of deadly force and has provided additional layers of protection for citizens, law enforcement personnel and other First Responders.  This specialized equipment can and has reduced City liability during a variety of critical incidents.  The specialized equipment currently in use is necessary to help contend with the high level of violence seen by law enforcement throughout the Country.  In addition, the equipment can be essential in providing additional support during natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and can provide safe transportation of medical personnel and victims, to help save lives.


The Riverside Police Department and City of Riverside will hold an annual community engagement meeting to afford the community the opportunity to have questions addressed pertaining to the specialized equipment currently in use.  In this video presentation, you will hear from members of our SWAT Team who are department experts and will provide an overview of each piece of specialized equipment approved for use by the Riverside Police Department.