Riverside’s Road to Recovery

Riverside’s Framework

The City of Riverside has developed a framework to drive Riverside's Road to Recovery. This framework is divided into three phases Response, Recovery and Thrive. Each phase is divided into key categories that have broad objectives and supporting actions items to support overall goal.

Response Phase Goal

Maintain essential functions to support businesses and community as a result of limitations in social and economic activities.

Recovery Phase Goal

Stimulate business and community recovery through safe practices that protect the workforce and residents by: (a) Ensuring businesses reopen in a manner that protects workforce and clientele, (b) Maintaining safe business continuity in order to meet the needs of the community, (c) Connecting new resources to our vulnerable business and populations to ensure recovery, and (d) Connecting businesses to economic stimulus resources.

Thrive Phase Goal

Drive the next phase of Riverside’s future by: (a) Facilitating a thriving business community, healthy community, and employees, (b) Transform and modernize City operations by streamlining processes and maximizing the use of technology, and (c) Identify sustainable and resilient strategies using lessons learned to prepare for future pandemic waves and other public health crises.


This Recovery Framework is intended to:

  1. Provide a sustainable and resilient post-crisis recovery framework for Riverside’s residents, businesses, workforce, and other agencies that remains fluid to changing response activities and regulatory guidelines.  
  2. Identify ways to combat the pandemic in a meaningful way, and identify responses and recovery strategies that are appropriate to the risks and can be sustained over necessary periods.  
  3. Employ the tools necessary to keep virus transmissions as low as possible while restarting the economy.  
  4. Identify measures of effective health protection with gradual relaxation of restrictions in the social and economic environment.   
  5. Establish a strategy to guide the nimble development of implementable actions through a phased approach during the economic recovery. 

To guide the City and its constituents through each of the three phases, this Road to Recovery Framework has been developed as a living document that is intended to be flexible and fluid in an evolving public health crisis. This Framework identifies strategic priorities within each phase to guide policies and actions to facilitate restoration of economic activities in a manner that enables business to operate safely and viability while maintaining public health objectives and keeping COVID-19 transmissions very low. The Framework also considers strategies to mitigate impacts to community members and suggests other strategies to ensure the recovery process is safe, equitable, and inclusive. 

Each phase is divided into key categories - Economy, Community, Environment, Internal (City) Organizational Response, and Communications – that have broad objectives and supporting action items to support overall goals of each phase.  The survey is intended to capture your feedback in four of the five categories (we’ve excluded our internal response from the survey).