Commercial Business and Multi-Family Housing

The City’s approved authorized haulers offer various trash collection and recycling services to businesses and multi-family properties within the City of Riverside. For more information on waste reduction, implementation of a recycling program, trash collection services, or to apply for an exemption, please contact the City’s authorized haulers below.


As of July 1, 2023, all new commercial accounts and/or new service addresses must contact Athens Services:
Athens Services
Phone: (888) 336-6100
[email protected]
If you are currently serviced by Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc. or CR&R Incorporated, you may continue your existing service until June 30, 2028:
Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc.
Phone: (951) 786-0639
[email protected]
CR&R Incorporated
Phone: (951) 943-1991
Email Online at: