Mayor's Office

Mayor’s Bipartisan Forum

The Mayor's Bipartisan Forum is a group comprised of approximately 15 members—Democrats, Republicans, and Independents—who represent the diversity of thought and experience that exists in our city. The Mayor’s Bipartisan Forum will work closely with and advise my team and I on areas of common ground for legislative solutions for homelessness-related challenges and mental healthcare shortfalls in the State of California.

Finding common ground and common goals to achieve progress and enact beneficial policy is essential in any functioning, thriving society. During my last two decades in public service, I have focused my efforts on achieving progress in a bipartisan way—namely, as an appointed board member during both Republican and Democratic gubernatorial administrations. While we each take pride in our respective political values and ideals, we should also take pride in bridging our differences and the prospect of channeling our unique strength as Riversiders—the 12th largest city in California—to address one of the most pressing matters in our city and state today.

Mental health needs are widely accepted by all political sides as one area that has perpetuated the increase in homelessness and have thwarted efforts to end the cycles of chronic homelessness. This Forum is a legislative advocacy group with a mental health-focused agenda.