Riverside Fire Department

New Recruit Preparation

All new recruits must pass the Written Exam which is given on Wednesday’s recruitment night. The Written Exam is based on the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) The Written Exam consist of reading comprehension, spelling/grammar, math, with a few questions pertaining to Post 101, Learning for Life, and the Department. Below are four websites that you can review to help prepare for the exam.

All new recruits must pass the Physical Ability Test (CPAT) which is given on the Saturday after recruitment night. Below is a breakdown of the nine CPAT events. The CPAT will be demonstrated during Wednesdays' recruitment night.

If you have any further questions regarding the recruitment process, please feel free to contact an Advisor.

Candidate Physical Ability Test

  1. Start Run: Run from the Tower Gate
  2. 100’ Hose Drag: starts in a pile on ground behind a line. Take a coupling and run with the hose until it is completely extended then drag the hose to the other line. Turn around and pull the hose hand over hand from fully extended into a pile keeping all hose behind the line. Repeat to return the hose to the starting position.
  3. Equipment Carry: Grasp TWO equipment items, (jugs, weights) one in each hand. With straight arms, carry 50’ to a marker. Turn around and return to the starting point.
  4. Sledge Hammer: Swing sledge hammer at 50 % strength striking the oversized tire. 15 repetitions right & left handed for a total of 30.
  5. Dummy Drag: 2 cones are set at 35’ apart. Dummy Drag from the starting cone. Proceed to the next cone and move the Dummy around the cone. Then Dummy drag back to the starting location.
  6. Hydrant Cap: Remove and replace the 4” hydrant cap.
  7. Tower Climb: with a 2 ½” Hose Bundle, climb the Exterior stairwell at a consistent and steady pace to the 4th floor. Exit and descend from the Interior stairwell.
  8. Pike Pole Simulation: Simulate a Pike Pole by utilizing a weight bar. Thrust the weight bar up for 15 repetitions right & left handed for a total of 30.
  9. Finish Run: To the Tower Gate