Public Art List & Location

Title Description Building or Location Artist Year Installed Type Medium 
Sister City Temple Sculpture Japanese Stone Lantern Main St. between City Hall and 10th Street   1975 sculpture stone
Three Pylons Abstract painted steel pylons. Robert Presley Detention Center Courtyard (Orange & 10th) Harold Pastorious 1989 sculpture steel
Booker Taliaferro Washington Bust Bust commemorating his visits to the Inland Empire Mission Inn Courtyard M. Bernard Edmonds 1999 Sculpture bronze
Frank Augustus Miller Statue Statue of Mission Inn founder Frank A. Miller Mission Inn Courtyard Richard Myer 1999 Sculpture bronze
Tower of Human Values Ghandi standing. Bottom of statue has engraved faces of inspirational icons.  Main St. between Main & Mission Inn Ave. Madan & Aruna Garge 2005 Sculpture bronze
"Concentric"  Two large curved pieces of steel sustaining another piece in the center. 10 st. between Orange St. and Lemon St. Michael Mogus 2009- Sculpture Stainless steel
"thin cube with sphere" Flat stainless steel diamond w/ blue sphere suspended from the center. Main St.  between 9th and University Dore Capitani 2009- sculpture Stainless steel
Arteclettica mosaic tile sculpture Grier Pavillion  Dominic Panziera 2008 tile mosaic tile 
  mosaic tile sculpture Entrance to City Hall Dominic Panziera 2009 tile mosaic tile
3 Cubes Three stainless steel oblong shapes overlapping. Red sphere sitting in the center of the smallest shape. Main St. between 9th and University Dale Rogers 2009- sculpture Stainless steel
Tri-Pod Abstract red sculpture. Fire station 5 on Arlington by The Riverside Airport. James Rosati 1976 Sculpture Stainless steel
Casa Blanca abstract sculpture abstract sculpture Madison St. Casa Blanca Library     sculpture Corten steel
Spiral Suspension abstract spiral sculpture Jurupa Avenue and Van Buren Jon Seeman 2010 sculpture Stainless steel
Women's Christian Temperance
Union Fountain
statue/fountain on sidewalk in front of Riverside Municipal Museum, Mission Inn and Orange Street J.W. Fiske 1907 (original) sculpture/
Central Avenue sculture abstract sculpture Central West Business Building, by 91 W fwy entrance     sculpture Stainless steel
Center Circle of Inclusion circular mosaic City Hall, Grier Pavilion, centered on main floor Dominic Panziera 2008? mosaic tiles
Boy Scout statue of a boy scout 10th and Lemon St. R. Tait McKenzie 1937 sculpture bronze
Notion of Ideal Government Text art suspended from the ceiling.  3737 Main Street, California Tower main entry Various teenagers, ages 14-17   text art  
Wind Chimes Suspended objects known to Riverside. University Avenue, NW corner of California Tower Joe Louis      
Tile Relief tile relief Pavement, front entrance of California Tower Sandra Rowe   relief concrete and bronze
Metal Mobile Sculpture  Abstract sculpture & landscaped fountain Main Street Pedestrian Mall, between 6th Street and Mission Inn Ave.     sculpture steel
Cloud Fountain cloud fountain Main Street Pedestrian Mall, between University and Tenth Street Bernadette Fox 1999    
Accept Difference two people standing looking at each other  Corner of Market & university on grass hill on RPU property Louie Tozser  2017 metal sculpture steel
Erlangen Cube Metal Cube with plexiglass pieces Main Street Pedestrian Mall, tower at the corner of Main & Mission Inn, on Cal Towers   2016 sculpture plexi & metal


Title Description Building or Location Artist Year Created Type Media
Ballet Brand Mural Wall mural depicting ballet dancers with orange tree fields in the background.  University and Lemon Ken Stansbury 2008- Mural exterior paint
Opera brand Mural Wall mural Market St. Ken Stansbury 2008 Mural exterior paint
Harada Family Mural Family portrait hangs on side of the Peoples Gallery building. University & Main St. Marion Semic   Mural paint on canvas
Street scene Mural A street scene mural on the building where Relish Deli is housed. University and Lemon St. Robin Morrow 2009 Mural exterior paint
Symphony Brand Mural Symphony Brand mural on top of acro gymnastics. Market St. and 6th St. Kevin Mitchell 2009 Mural exterior paint
Citrus Labels  digitalized citrus  crate labels.  9th street by Main st Riverside Various 2009 mural digitalized print
Jazz scene Mural Jazz Scene on side of Marios Place building. Mission Inn Ave & Orange St. Greg Adamson 2009 Mural print
Tyler St. underpass Mural   Tyler St. bridge under 91FWY     Mural  
Mission Inn Lighting LED Lights Mission Inn Ave. bridge, under the 91 freeway   2019   Lights 
Visions of the Local Scene   3750 Main Street, Imperial Hardware Building Dan Caurtel 1995 mural  
The Land of Oranges   Imperial Hardware Building David Rosales   mural  
La Sierra Underpass             
Arlington Heights mural   Van Buren and magnolia     print print
Taco Station mural Vintage gas pumps, attendant Mission Inn Avenue Agustin Equihua-Ortiz   mural exterior paint
Keyes Main Design mural Vintage scene featuring Mission Pharmacy, trolley, trees  Van Buren and Magnolia        
Owls & Friends 3 owls, and lady with purple octopus creature Corner of Lemon & University  Jeff Soto & Maxx242  2015 mural spray 
Apex Predator  Calvin & Hobbes deconstructed  Corner of Lemon & University  Matt Gondek 2017 Mural acryllic 
Mariposa Alley Metal Butterflies and flowers Alleyway between 9th & 10th  Martin Sanchez 2019   found materials/metal cans


Title Description Building or Location Artist Year Created Type Media
Civic Clock Tower Fountain Clock tower with surrounding water fountain. Main St. Pedestrian Mall, between City Hall and 10th Street   1971 Monument stone
War Memorial Wall Memorial displaying the names of war casualities.   Main St. Pedestrian Mall, between City Hall and 10th Street The Patrician Group 2008 Monument granite and brick
Ben Franklin Quote Black granite wall with white engraved quote. Main st. and 9th The Patrician Group 2008 Monument granite engravement black granite
Riverside County Veterans Memorial  Sculpture honoring Riverside County Veterans 10th St. and Lemon Jeff Crumbacher 1983 Monument granite 
John G. Gabbert Memorial Arch with quotes and brass face plate 11th and Main St The Patrician Group 2009 monument granite stone
Don Juan Bautista De Anza Statue of De Anza w/ wall relief depicting his expeditions. Newman Park, Magnolia Ave. & 14th St. Designed by Dorr Bothwell sculpted by Sherry Peticolas 1940 sculpture & wall relief stone
Safe in His Arms Statue of an officer carrying a child. Criminal Justice Building Courtyard (Orange & 11th)   1983 sculpture bronze w/ black tile
Ysmael R. Villegas Memorial Soldier holding weapon. Main St.  between City Hall and 10th Street Gary Coutrer 1995 sculpture bronze
"I Have a Dream" Statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. Main St. and 9th Street Lisa Reinertson 1999 Sculpture bronze
Dosan Ahn Chang-Ho Memorial Dosan Ahn Chang-Ho standing while holding a book. Main Street between University & Mission Inn Avenue Moon Kyung Kim 2001 Sculpture bronze
Cesar E. Chavez Memorial Cesar Chavez leading the way  Main Street & University on the south side Ignacio Gomez 2015 Sculpture and small plaza bronze and concrete