Statement from the City of Riverside regarding the passage of Measure C

Published: 11/2/2021


The City of Riverside respects the will of the voters and expresses its appreciation to the voters who chose to participate.

It is gratifying that the voters continued the General Fund Transfer from the Electric Fund. On behalf of the entire City organization, we thank the voters for their confidence.

The continuance of this $40 million contribution to the General Fund, which is 14 percent of General Fund revenues, ensures Riverside will keep receiving high-quality municipal services while enjoying utility rates that are lower than in surrounding communities.

These funds will enable Riverside residents to continue enjoying a high quality of life as we forge an even brighter future for our city. For this, we are grateful.

There will be opportunities for Riverside residents to continue to have input into their City’s spending priorities through the upcoming Priority Based Budgeting system.

This process offers an opportunity to further embrace an increased sense of fiscal prudence moving forward. The City looks forward to working with its residents and businesses on this important journey.