Riverside Public Utilities Warns Against Fraud Calls

Published: 6/13/2017

Riverside, Calif. – Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) and the City of Riverside are aware of a growing number of fraud calls being made to customers and businesses. These fraud calls are coming from an outside company using a recording and our caller ID to contact customers demanding payment. It was reported that the caller ID showed (951)-782-0330, RPU’s Customer Service number, but were given a different number to call back. Customers and businesses are highly encouraged not to give out personal and financial information to scammers like these.

RPU contacts its customers only through paper billing statements, online billing emails, late payment reminders, and green “48-hour notification” tags placed at the customer’s address. RPU does not call customers to demand payment. RPU personnel out in the community drive clearly marked RPU vehicles, wear city uniforms and display proper photo identification.

“RPU takes fraudulent calls very seriously. We have a number of protection measures in place to safeguard against stolen information. Customers should be mindful of the situation and protect their personal information from being stolen or abused,” said RPU General Manager Girish Balachandran.

Customers who have any questions about suspicious calls demanding payments are encouraged to hang up with the fraudulent callers and report them by dialing the City’s Call Center at (from landline) 311, or (951) 826-5311. Customers can also file a report with the Riverside Police Department at (951) 354-2007.