Riverside Metropolitan Museum Receives Highest National Recognition

Published: 07/27/2018



July 27, 2018



Robyn G. Peterson

Museum Director


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Riverside Metropolitan Museum Receives Highest National Recognition

American Alliance of Museums Awards Re-Accreditation to downtown museum

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – The Riverside Metropolitan Museum (RMM) has again achieved accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), the highest national recognition afforded the nation’s museums.

Accreditation signifies excellence to the museum community, to governments, funders, outside agencies, and to the museum-going public. The Riverside Metropolitan Museum was initially accredited in 1972, close to the time that the AAM launched its accreditation program.  All museums must undergo a reaccreditation review at least every ten years to maintain accredited status.

“Accreditation sends a powerful signal to the museum-going public about quality and a commitment to excellence,” Mayor Rusty Bailey said. “Riverside can be proud of its museum professionals who are working to ensure the Riverside Metropolitan Museum meets such high standards.”

Alliance Accreditation brings national recognition to a museum for its commitment to excellence, accountability, high professional standards, and continued institutional improvement. Developed and sustained by museum professionals for over 45 years, the Alliance’s museum accreditation program is the field’s primary vehicle for quality assurance, self-regulation, and public accountability.  It strengthens the museum profession by promoting practices that enable leaders to make informed decisions, allocate resources wisely, and remain financially and ethically accountable in order to provide the best possible service to the public.

“The AAM’s accreditation process is an institutional ‘fitness program’ that the Riverside Metropolitan Museum is thrilled to have completed successfully once again,” said Museum Director Robyn G. Peterson. “It is a credit to the staff, city leadership, and volunteers who have built the multi-faceted museum that the RMM is. This is a moment for the cultural community and the City of Riverside to reflect proudly on local achievements that have national significance.  We look forward to continuing to stand proudly among the small percentage of the nation’s museums who have earned this accolade.”

Of the nation’s estimated 33,000 museums, about 1,070 are currently accredited. The Riverside Metropolitan Museum is one of 69 museums accredited in California.

Accreditation is a very rigorous but highly rewarding process that examines all aspects of a museum’s operations. To earn accreditation, a museum first must conduct a year of self-study, and then undergo a site visit by a team of peer reviewers.  AAM’s Accreditation Commission, an independent and autonomous body of museum professionals, considers the self-study and visiting committee report to determine whether a museum should receive accreditation.

“Accredited museums are a community of institutions that have chosen to hold themselves publicly accountable to excellence,” said Laura L. Lott, Alliance president and CEO. “Accreditation is clearly a significant achievement, of which both the institutions and the communities they serve can be extremely proud.”

The Riverside Metropolitan Museum, a department of the City of Riverside, holds collections relevant to the history, culture, and natural science of the region.  Sites include the downtown Riverside main museum, Heritage House, Harada House, and Robinson House.  Except for Heritage House, all sites are temporarily closed for renovation and reconstruction.

The RMM has a proud history of exhibitions, programs, and publications foregrounding local and regional achievement, and it is steward of a large multi-disciplinary collection.  The Museum is in the midst of a community engagement process as a prelude to renovation and expansion of its downtown site, and is committed to becoming a model 21st-century museum for the Riverside community.

“The future of the Riverside Metropolitan Museum is brighter than ever,” Mayor Pro Tem Chuck Conder said. “We are excited to learn of the re-accreditation and look forward to seeing all Museum assets back at full strength.”

More information about the American Alliance of Museums can be found at www.aam-us.org.

Heritage House is open Friday-Sunday from noon until 4 p.m. between Labor Day and Memorial Day.  Admission is free.

The Riverside Metropolitan Museum is located at 3580 Mission Inn Avenue, and be reached at 951-826-5273 or www.riversideca.gov/museum.