Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson Named to National League of Cities Post

Published: 12/16/2022



Dec. 16, 2022



Phil Pitchford

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Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson Named to National League of Cities Post

Enhancing opportunities to advance economic development for Riverside

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson has been named Vice-Chair of the National League of Cities’ 2023 Community and Economic Development Committee.

Lock Dawson was named to the post by NLC President Victoria Woodards, who is mayor of Tacoma, Washington. Also named as a vice-chair was Mayor Lacey Beaty of Beaverton, Oregon. They will work closely with the chair of the committee, Mayor Tishaura Jones of St. Louis.

The new post will give Mayor Lock Dawson an opportunity to work closely with other leaders of the League of Cities, including at meetings in Washington, D.C., on issues related to housing, community, and economic development.

“The NLC is the voice of cities across America, and I look forward to being part of these impactful discussions on issues facing Riverside and other communities around the nation,” Lock Dawson said. “I can’t wait to add Riverside’s voice to the table.”

The position also will create opportunities for Mayor Lock Dawson to advocate for cities on the federal level. These advocacy efforts include meetings on Capitol Hill, briefings on various issues and opportunities to address the media on issues facing cities and towns across the nation.