Influenza Widespread

Published: 01/03/2018


Date: January 03, 2018                      

Contact: Tyler Reynolds, City of Riverside Fire Department-Training Captain                        

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]      



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The City of Riverside Fire Department will be hosting a press conference on January 04, 2018 relating to the Influenza Seasonal Surge (Flu Virus).  Speakers will include emergency medical services personnel, city officials and physicians throughout Riverside County.

During the past week there was a total of 3,415 emergency ambulance transports in Riverside County = 31.1% increase from an average of 2,604.   Influenza has created extended wait times for emergency room visits, extreme workloads for fire department resources, and transporting ambulance companies.  Emergency Medical Services and hospitals have been advised to implement their respective surge and contingency plans in order to mitigate the impact on resources.

The press conference will address City notification systems and information resources, updates on emergency room delays, influenza signs & symptoms, emergency medical treatment and ultimately keeping you and your family safe during this influenza event.


Topic:  Influenza Widespread in Riverside

Location: City Hall – 3900 Main. St Riverside, CA. 92501.  Press conference will be held outside adjacent to the large water fall under breezeway.

Time: 11:00am

Date:  January 04, 2018