Help Us All Use Less Stuff

Published: 04/02/2019

plastic bottles

Accepting the challenge to USE LESS STUFF can be fun!

Use the list below to learn more about how you can help our environment by going green.


Go Green


Waste Reduction Tips


Choose to use reusable containers. From coffee cups to water bottles to take out boxes, reducing waste is easier when you use your own containers.

Some items are too toxic to trash. Never place batteries, motor oil, paint or fluorescent light tube in the trash. Take them to the waste collection site.
1780 Agua Mansa Rd. every non-holiday Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Eat and buy local! Visit your local farmer’s market to get fresh produce while supporting your local economy.

Take the waste from your plate and feed your garden with composting. To learn how, go to RCWaste.org

Pay it forward; donating your gently used items gives them a second life. Local charities appreciate your help.

Learn about energy rebates and water efficiency measures at RiversidePublicUtilities.com