Fireworks Are Illegal in the City of Riverside

Published: 06/18/2018


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Minimum Fine


Anyone found using illegal fireworks is subject to a fine.


With the July 4th holiday fast approaching, the City of Riverside is reminding residents that all fireworks are illegal within the city limits, and anyone found using illegal fireworks is subject to a $1,000 fine. The City encourages residents to enjoy free, family-friendly fireworks shows at Mount Rubidoux and La Sierra Park.

Riverside has been working for three years to reduce the usage of fireworks in the city. Fireworks cause injuries in adults and children, spark fires that endanger firefighters, create stress for veterans with PTSD, and terrify many animals. There is evidence that the increased enforcement is working. Just last year, Riverside confiscated 630 pounds of fireworks, down from 805 the year before; wrote 70 citations for fireworks, down from 139 the year before; and received 599 fireworks-related calls for service between July 1-5, down from 651 last year and 799 the year before that.

“Riverside is a very patriotic community that loves to celebrate our nation’s independence – the right way,” Mayor Rusty Bailey said. “By that, I mean we celebrate as a community, without illegal fireworks that can hurt those we care about.” A better option is the free fireworks shows at Mount Rubidoux in downtown Riverside and at La Sierra Park, at 5215 La Sierra Avenue. The shows begin at 9 p.m.

The City has been pushing an anti-fireworks message since the first week of June in hopes that residents will refrain from purchasing fireworks when they become available in neighboring counties shortly before the holiday. Websites, billboards, electronic parking meters all display the “Fireworks Are Illegal” message, and city officials are monitoring websites for fireworks being offered for sale.

Temporary “No Parking” zones will be set up on Redwood Drive and Indian Hill Road, near the Mount Rubidoux fireworks display; to ensure adequate traffic flow should emergency vehicles need to respond. City officials have sent warning letters to people who have received citations and to addresses that were identified as fireworks sites by people who called the City’s 311 line . Calls to 311 regarding specific addresses where fireworks are being used can be made anonymously.

“It’s encouraging to see the fireworks-related calls for service dropping, but we still have much work to do,” Mayor Pro Tem Mike Soubirous said. “Keep up the good work, Riverside!”

Non-Emergency Phone Numbers:

  • Riverside Polce Department: 951-354-2007
  • Call Center: 951-826-5311
Emergency Phone Number:
  • Imminent Threats to Life or Property: 911