Fire Investigation Bulletin

Published: 04/16/2019


Fire Investigation Bulletin Regarding Recent Dumpster Fires

Attemp to Identify - 451 PC

DATES: 3-5-2019; 3-15-2019; 4-11-2019

FILE #: 19-06653; 19-07756; 19-10586

CHARGES: 451 (b) (d) PC – Arson of Structure and Property

ATTEMPT TO IDENTIFY: Unknown Subject, WMA 50-60 years old, walks with limp, short gray beard. Driving a 2014-2019 Black Kia Soul with disabled license plates

SUMMARY: On the dates above, several dumpster fires were ignited in commercial building dumpster. The same vehicle can be seen pulling up to several dumpsters on surveillance at all locations. A male subject gets out of vehicle, goes into the dumpster area, leaves, and shortly after, fire is seen. The occurrences happen typically between midnight and 6am.

CONTACT: City of Riverside Fire/Arson Investigations Unit  | 951-351-6481