Published: 06/02/2023


Detective Greg Matthews began working for the Riverside Police Department in 1994. He is currently assigned to the Traffic Bureau and has worked as a Patrol Officer, an Accident Investigator, and as a Field Training Officer.  He was a founding member of the Police Technology Unit, a founding member of the Technical Services Unit’s Bomb Search Team, has been a member of the Major Accident Investigation Team since 1999, and a member of the Collision Review Board since 2002.

Due to Greg’s technical expertise, his interest in photography and his work ethic, he has amassed a large number of accomplishments during his time with the Department.  Some of these accomplishments include:

* Greg developed a method to write police reports electronically, which was used department-wide for over 20 years.

* He was part of the development team for the use of mobile data and computers in police vehicles, as well as in-car camera systems.

* He was instrumental in converting the department’s policy manual into electronic form.

* He was involved with or solely developed the policies for the department’s email system, traffic investigation and electronic data recorder downloading.

* He founded RPDOnline.org in 1999 making the Department one of the first in the Nation with an on-line presence, and established RPD as one of the first agencies on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

* He created an on-line version of the Safe In His Arms memorial

* Greg created multiple guides to help patrol officers with traffic related investigations.

* He became an expert in crime-scene documentation systems such as the FARO laser scanner and PIX4-D drone scanner, which he utilized when tasked with documenting multiple major crime scenes.

* Greg utilized these same programs in collaboration with another officer to design the Department’s heliport.  Their work was submitted to Caltrans and the FAA and saved the Department nearly half a million dollars.

* He was instrumental in the development of a program known as “Know Your Limit”.  This is an educational program in which participants from the local bars are provided the opportunity to use a breathalyzer device to help them correlate their BAC with their perceived intoxication level.

* Greg is an avid photographer and has often been tasked with taking photographs for major events, including the funerals of fallen officers.

* He was a long-time Explorer advisor, a participant in the Teen2Teen program, and an annual participant in the “Every 15 Minutes” program.

Greg has been awarded Policeman of the Year by the Riverside Optimist Club, Law Enforcement Officer of the Year by the Veterans of Foreign Wars District 23, recognized by the California State Assembly for his arrests of taggers, by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for his efforts to combat DUI, and has twice received Riverside’s Public Safety Officer of the Month.

He has received numerous Chief’s and Division Commander’s commendations. In 2018, Greg was nominated for the honor of Riverside Police Officers Association’s Detective of the Year. Although he was not ultimately awarded the distinction, he was recognized as one of the top three finalists to be nominated.

The aforementioned accomplishments, countless hours working on projects, work ethic and his dedication to the Riverside Police Department are just a few reasons as to why Detective Greg Matthews has been chosen to receive this honorable award. 

Congratulations Greg!