Published: 07/20/2022

This morning, our Traffic Bureau conducted a commercial vehicle enforcement operation, in collaboration with the California Highway Patrol and Riverside Sheriff’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement teams, along Alessandro Boulevard and Van Buren Boulevard, which are two of the restricted areas for 4-axle vehicles to travel along.  So what are the rules in Riverside regarding commercial vehicles exceeding three axles?


Section 10.56.050 of the Riverside Municipal Code states “When signs are erected giving notice thereof, no person shall operate any commercial vehicle exceeding three (3) axles at any time upon the streets or parts of streets listed below, except that such vehicle may be operated thereon for the purpose of delivering or picking up materials or merchandise or the performance of services in connections with and in aid of a property in the block, and then only by entering such street at the intersection nearest the destination of the vehicle and proceeding thereon no farther than the nearest intersection thereafter.”


This section pertains to the following roadways in our city:


  • Alessandro Boulevard between Central Avenue and Trautwein Road
  • Arlington Avenue between Horace Street and Chicago Avenue
  • Central Avenue between Fremont Street and Brockton Avenue
  • Central Avenue between Alessandro Boulevard and State Route 91
  • Chicago Avenue between Arlington Avenue and Central Avenue
  • Iowa Avenue between Spruce Street and Blaine Street
  • Jurupa Avenue between Fremont Street and Brockton Avenue
  • Main Street between Columbia Avenue and the SR-60 Freeway


Our Traffic Bureau has been learning many of these drivers are following the directions of their GPS systems, which many times will have them use these roads as shorter routes.  Officers have contacted many of our local warehouses to inform them of the municipal code pertaining to commercial vehicles, and signs are posted at numerous points before and during these restricted areas.  The City of Riverside’s Traffic Engineering department has been in contact with Garmin GBP and provided information to the routes with axle restrictions within our city. 


Next month, the Riverside Police Department and our partner agencies will be conducting a commercial vehicle inspection operation, and enforcement efforts will continue as time permits. 


As a whole, the Traffic Bureau specializes in the enforcement of traffic laws, both city and state, specifically related to the safety and concerns of the citizens of Riverside within the 89 square miles of the city. These daily duties include traffic education through enforcement, traffic collision investigations, detection and arrest of intoxicated drivers and parking control. The city of Riverside is 89 square miles and our Traffic Bureau is responsible for many other traffic complaints for violations that lead to traffic collisions, injuries, and deaths.  As of a few days ago, there have been 24 fatalities as a result of traffic collisions in the city.  Last year at this time, we had 18 and finished the year with 28.  2021 had the most traffic fatalities since 2002 when there were 27. 


Unfortunately, this year may have more.  Please drive safe.