City of Riverside Ceremoniously Renames City Street to Honor Winek Family Lost in Tragic Incident Last Year

Published: 10/5/2023



Oct. 5, 2023



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City of Riverside Ceremoniously Renames City Street to Honor Winek Family Lost in Tragic Incident Last Year

Price Court Dedicated as Winek Court to Honor Family Members Lost in Nov. 2022

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – A cul-de-sac in the City of Riverside has been ceremoniously renamed to honor three family members who lived on the street and were lost last November in a tragic incident.

Price Court in the La Sierra South area has been ceremoniously renamed Winek Court to honor the memory of Mark, Sharie and Brooke Winek, who died on Nov. 25, 2022 in a homicide that received national attention. A sign has been erected in the cul-de-sac noting the ceremonial name change.

“The Wineks were the neighbors everyone would love to have,” said City Councilmember Jim Perry, who represents the area and organize the renaming effort. “Everyone in the cul-de-sac loved them and were thrilled at the idea of remembering them forever through this effort.”

Mark Winek was a honored baseball and softball coach for nearly a decade at Arlington High School and before that, La Sierra High School. Sharie Winek and their daughter, Brooke, were active participants in their community and served on parent-teacher organizations. The family were loved on their quiet cul-de-sac and admired for their service to their neighborhood and to Riverside.

As original homeowners of their home, Mark and Sharie were the first family to move into a house on Price Court. They were so excited to live there, they sometimes camped outside the construction site in their recreational vehicle to watch the building progress.

“They knew a home on a cul-de-sac would be the perfect place for my sister and I to play with the other neighborhood children and create a close-knit camaraderie between our neighbors – neighbors that became like family,” said Mychelle Blandin, who spoke on behalf of her parents and sister. “To say that my parents were the ‘pioneers of Price Court’ is an understatement. We watched our home being built from the ground up, and it would be the home that held us together for 36 memorable years.”

Following the incident last year, Arlington High School honored the Wineks by placing a commemorative plaque behind home plate, where Mark Winek coached so many young people. The school also dedicated the 2023 baseball season in his honor.

Closer to home, Perry worked with the 17 homeowners on Price Court to ensure that residents were comfortable with the proposed renaming. There was overwhelming support. The sign cost $117 and was funded with money in the existing city budget.

The City Council approved the ceremonial name change on Sept. 12, and City officials unveiled the ceremonial plaque today. Footage of the unveiling can be found here.

The street dedication is strictly ceremonial and does not require any of the residents of the street to change their mailing addresses or any legal documents.